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Artisan jewellery inspired by Antiquity

Modern jewellery with old soul.

Classical beauty embraces contemporary versatility.

Our original designs are inspired by the jewellery of classical antiquity and diverse art forms across history. We traditionally handcraft each and every piece at our jeweller's bench, using the time-honoured methods and artistry of the ancients.


Jewellery speaks in a universal language, beloved and timeless in its ability to enchant, impress, and inspire.  Imbued with history and artistic tradition, our jewellery is a form of wearable art - entwining your unique style with the stories of the distant, venerable past.​

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"Artisan jewellery is the art of my soul and a labour of love. I infuse each piece with heart and with history— and in turn, the wearer imbues their own special story.

And so our jewellery becomes akin to a wearable memoir. It's a powerful art form."


Jewellery Designer, Bench Jeweller & Founder/Owner

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