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Artisan Jewellery Made in Canada | Julia Morgan

Jewellery Artist & Founder/Owner

"My jewellery is born of an historian heart, made by an artisan hand, and given life by the wearer's story."

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The classical beauty of ancient art embraces contemporary sensibility.

Julia's original designs are inspired by the jewellery of ancient artisans and diverse art across history. From architecture, sculpture and painting, to nature, fantasy and myth, the artistry of civilizations from all over the ancient world is at the core of each and every piece. At Julia Morgan, we believe our artisan jewellery is meaningful, wearable art that can intimately create a conduit to the past while connecting with the wearer's modern story.

Julia Morgan's jewellery designs are exclusively original. Our jewellery design process is heavily influenced by historical art (Classical design never goes out of style!),  but we do not make "replicas" or historical copies of jewellery. Instead, we draw our inspiration from antique jewellery and then adapt the design so it is unique, original, and versatile for our ever-evolving modern tastes. All while retaining the remarkable character, the authenticity of spirit, the historical substance of the people and places of the Old World from which our jewellery design inspirations originate.

Jewellery born from the elements of nature and made by human hands.

As a traditional bench jeweller, Julia crafts every piece by hand, using the same time-honoured techniques that have been used for millennia by ancestral goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellery artisans. Our pieces are formed with certified recycled precious metals, and we source our gemstones from trusted suppliers all over the world. We work with only the finest raw materials created by Mother Nature and experienced metalsmiths.


Julia Morgan Fine Artisan Jewellery strives to ethically source materials from local suppliers, and those who share our deep commitment to sustainability. We understand that as jewellery artists we have an obligatory responsibility to help protect our Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. You can learn more about our sustainability practices, ethical policies and pledges of responsibility on Our Promise to People & Planet page.


All of our hand-curated collections and pieces are exclusively Limited Edition and custom made to order by the designer herself, specially just for you. Many of our pieces are Artist's Exclusives. This means the piece you see is the the piece you get, and it is the only one created from that design. No two pieces are the same. Even those that share a design are truly one of a kind and unique in character. Nature's creations are utterly unique from one another, so a stone cut from the same nodule, for example, will bear different inclusions, colours, texture and charm from its kin.

The majority of raw materials Julia works with are artisanal and hand-picked by small suppliers, and are therefore often limited in supply. This means every piece we offer is as distinctive in character as each and every one of us. We truly believe that jewellery can - and should - honour your individuality and celebrate your uniqueness. Your style, your life, your story - you are so special. And so should be the jewellery with which you decorate your beautiful, wondrous self. ❤

Hand crafted jewellery | Julia Morgan | Jewelry Making Over Heat

"The intrinsic energy and profundity an artist pours into her work is essential to the creation process. It's a meaningful infusion of heart into the finished piece.
This requires the hand of an Artisan.
You simply can't do that with a machine."
~Julia Morgan P.

Every piece is hand-crafted mindfully and heartfully.

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Meet the Artist:  Julia Morgan P.

B.A.,Dipl.,Cert. (she/her)
Jewellery Designer, Bench Jeweller & Founder/Owner

Julia is a lifelong independent Canadian artist and accredited art historian, specializing in Antiquity and Classical art. She works out of her studio in southern Ontario, Canada, where she designs and meticulously hand-fabricates every original piece at her jeweller's bench. She is the proud founder, owner and operator of Julia Morgan Fine Artisan Jewellery.


A NOTE ON FASCINATION, INSPIRATION & DEDICATION: I don't know about you, but I really love finding out what - and better yet who - is behind an artisan brand.  So if you're like me and curious as a cat, read on my friend . . . 


Handcrafted goods today are a rare breed indeed. But lasting artisanship will never grow old (pun intended). As long as people like you are still seeking this time-honoured, beautiful art form. So full of heart and soul, every piece an artisan makes - from jewellery to furniture - is created just for you. Seriously. That's not just a saying. It really matters to us, the artisan, that our work ends up in the hands of persons who truly appreciate soulful, traditionally handcrafted goods that come from a special place and are made to last for generations to come. And it ends up in a special place, too. . . with you.  It's you who truly gives life to the work of an artisan. And to me, that's a beautiful gift.

I have spent well over a decade exploring formal education in the arts, but I consider myself an eternal student. My love affair with all things Antiquity began in my early childhood, the very first time I saw an exciting new film called Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, at the age of two (I guess the jig is up on my age...). Jewellery of the ancient and fantasy worlds hold a particularly special place in my heart, largely inspired by my childhood idols Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, She-Ra, Selina Kyle, and the international goddesses of ancient lore. 

My fascination with antiquities is evident in my jewellery designs and collections; I strive to authentically incorporate the art of the ancient world in all my work. As a self-taught metalsmith and dedicated conservationist of art history and the natural world, I employ traditional metalsmithing and bench jeweller techniques to meet the highest standards of artisanship and quality. I deeply admire the special power jewellery holds as an art form. It has an exceptional ability to channel our unique self-expression, and it gives us tacit permission to escape the here and now so that we may experience historical wearable art - and its historical wearer - within their respective spaces and time. Further, jewellery can be a remarkable conduit for meaningful storytelling - as an independent person with life stories unlike any others; and within a broader sense, in community and culture. Artisanal jewellery inspires us to honour artistic traditions and has the power to revive our deeply innate - but often lost - connection with the ancient world.

I have many people to thank in my life. My family and close-knit friends are my beacons of light, laughter and love. I am eternally grateful for two very special women in my life. My mother, Diane: who taught me the importance of independence and resilience; who imparted me with strong heart and open mind to find courage and believe in myself, no matter what. my mom reminds me still that the most powerful thing of all is the strength, light and love that comes from within. And a special thank you to my aunt, Marlene:  who imparted the wisdom of softening, taking time to breathe and creating space for love and light. Their paramount influence on my life is meaningful beyond words; their unconditional love and encouragement showed me how to find my authenticity and freedom in my own unique self expression. In this, I found a special comfort that led me to pursue my true love for art. To take the leap toward making the impossible possible. To bloom from within and share it with the world.


These women are perpetual, beautiful conduits of love and life, reminding us all that being open to the Universe, with heart out and arms wide open, is a very powerful state of being indeed. To have such incredibly meaningful female influences in one's life is truly a blessing beyond measure. After all, it is women like Diane and Marlene - fiercely dedicated, independent, heartful, insightful, inspirational - who raise girls with dreams to become women with vision and voice.◊  


With Highest Humble Gratitude,

❤ Julia (She/Her)

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Professional Memberships,
Certifications & Education

Queen's University

Alumna, Bachelor of Arts
Art History & Classical Studies

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Alumna, Advanced Arts Diploma
Honour Roll

Women's Jewelry Association

Certified Professional Member
Donor & supporter of the sustainability initiative

Royal Ontario Museum

Associate Member, Donor

Metalsmith Academy

Metalsmith, Professional Member
Continuing Education (current)

International Gem Society

Certified Professional Member
Professional Gemologist Certification (upcoming)

Canadian Artist Network

Professional Member
Artisan, Ontario

Smithsonian Institute

Associate Member, Donor
World Art History Certification (current)