Be a Nice Human ❤

Our Code of Conduct is simple:

Let's all practice universal kindness and respect with everyone, all the time. We know you're a nice human. We just like to put things in writing. 

Pretty please...

Be kind.

Be courteous.

Be respectful.

Be mindful.

Be helpful.

Be patient.

Be supportive.

Be grateful.

Be honest.

Be understanding.

Be transparent.

Be accountable.

Be a nice human so we can all have a safe space here and be our authentic, beautiful selves!


At Julia Morgan, you come first. And that means creating a cozy, safe space for everyone, all the time. That means protecting everyone who visits our website from harassment and exposure to unacceptable online behaviours that could make someone feel uncomfortable, unhappy or upset. It's especially important because our website includes opportunities for people to engage with each other and freely post public comments (such as on our blog and in member areas). We're sure our Code of Conduct won't infringe on anyone's rights and freedoms, because we totally agree that freedom of speech and speaking your mind is important and can most certainly be done with respect, kindness and integrity at all times.  Thank you so much! xo